Too Sustainable to Design for even the worlds most Sustainable retailer?????......

Well, what can I say? Whoever would have thought that in this time of heightened awareness, and even trendy street cred, of global issues such as climate change, peak oil, global warming and social responsibility that a Designer can be professionally discrimated against by the UK highstreets seemingly most progressive, sustainable retailer.....for being too Sustainable?!? That indeed was what happened to me this week. I am totally shocked, and honestly quite disgusted, that a company who won the Dow Jones 'World's most Sustainable Retailer' award can justify, or even dare to, give this reason to someone who 'has good design skills but is too interested in Sustainability' for not being put through for a position; especially considering their self-professed Eco-god status on the highstreet. It is one thing to judge people on their professional abilities, it is another to judge them on their values.....

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