Beautiful handmade knickers, created from upcycled clothing - a rival to any mainstream product

Emiliana is upcycling old t-shirts, dresses, tops and fabric samples into beautiful underwear!

Each piece is 100% unique, adapted to the clothing that it is being recycled from and is made by hand, at home, with lots and lots of love.

For the underwear it means that;
- it’s components have not travelled a million miles just to be turned into a pair of knickers.
- it has not been made by someone overseas in uncomfortable, unfair, unreasonable factory conditions.
- it has not been sold by a corporate retailer who is forced to compromise on quality (of products and life) and who is forced to exponentially increase their profits, both for the sake of the current capitalist economic system.
- it has tried to be as friendly to the environment as possible, reusing extisting raw materials and sharing space and resources by being made at home.

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