Brazilian sustainable fashion organisation Ecotece has launched a new project called Fashion + Sustainability = ?

F+S=? Aims to encourage people to think what fashion could be like if sustainability was taken into account, promoting the message that this is the way forward. The project will start with a t-shirt competition inviting people to submit designs about what they think F+S=? represents.

Ecotece was founded in 2005 to promote  and research into sustainable fashion. Ecotece serves to provide information for companies, students, designers and practitioners on all aspects of sustainability in the fashion cycle. The Ecotece philosophy is that everything is connected, small things make a difference and a sustainable solution is a peaceful one. Ecotece runs a number of projects including courses on sustainable fashion and a women’s project on the outskirts of São Paulo called Retece.

Retece was founded as a partnership between Ecotece and the local government. It offers women the prospect of learning new skills, specifically sewing skills and pattern cutting skills. Before joining the project many of the women involved were unable to sew, embroider or operate a sewing machine. Not only do the women in the programme benefit from employment and training but they also get to take part in a range of activities and discussions aimed at increasing their self-esteem and confidence. The winning design from the F + S = ? will be made by the Retece women.

The proceeds raised by the sale of F+S=? T-shirts will go towards maintaining the Retece Women’s group and will provide them with continued employment, whilst also raising awareness of the great work that they do. It will also go towards funding an office space for the Ecotece group. A place where they can build up resources and run courses about sustainability and the future of the fashion industry.

The competition will run until 31/03/2011. To submit your designs in support of a much valued organisation or for more information or just to see how the competition is getting on visit the Ecotece website

Further information:

“This project is a special opportunity to connect artists and designers from Brazil and the UK to weave a better community; therefore we are connecting the whole world for a better world. Life is a net where we are all connected”

Ana Candida Zanesco, Founder Ecotece

T-shirts will be available to purchase from the Ecotece website. 

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