Students: Get involved in the MENDRS Challenge 2013

MENDRS is organizing a road tour of UK Fashion colleges to spread the mending fever.


The mending movement is to fashion what the punk movement is to music: a necessary, enjoyable and fun movement created as a response to industry mainstream conventions and embracing a D.I.Y. ethic.


The MENDRS Roadshow is a nationwide lecture tour of UK fashion colleges taking place in March 2013. The roadshow is organized by Fellowship 500 member Liz Parker and MENDRS founder Jonnet Middleton to explore how mending can be made fundamental to fashion.


Register your University interest HERE. Students read bellow to get involved in the MENDRS Challenge.



Calling all students! Fancy joining the growing mending trend and trying your hand at mending a fashion piece?



The challenge brief:


MENDRS argues that mending is a strategy that helps us rethink what fashion can and needs to do today. Mending is about keeping clothes desirable, and valuing the labour and resources that go into them. Mending radically re-conceptualises our relationships with others and with things. To mend is to take an active role in the world.


Re-imagine a piece of fashion or the entire fashion industry along the principles of the MENDRS Manifesto


You can create anything: a fashion concept, a marketing strategy, a product, an activist project, a manifesto or social movement, a new economic model, a tool-kit for mending, create an educational resource... Rock your imagination and get the mending trend rolling in a creative fashion!


Submission formats: Email a url to your online video/website and/or documents in pdf/jpeg/doc formats (max 20MB) to More infoHERE.


Deadline 31 May 2013.


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