‘Sawang Boran’ initiated when a group of weavers in 2007 asked Rosanne Trottier to find them a market. Since then Rosanne has worked to revitalise and honour a traditional way of life in Isan, an area in Northeast Thailand.

Isan’s traditional, complex textiles often do not qualify as ‘real work’, those who weave these traditional fabrics are often paid very little for their considerable amount of highly skilled work and individual talent. This has led to many girls and women below 30 who have not leant to weave, risking the loss of the Isan’s remarkable tradition. Rosanne’s work, investing in the Isan’s old way of life, will hopefully keep their creative tradition alive.

Rosanne sees the Isan villagers as Sawang Boran’s best asset, who are rich in culture and whose traditional skills and creativity bring authenticity appeal to the textiles. Natural dyes are used in the textiles, creating many advantages. Not only are risks to villagers reduced through using chemical free dyes, villagers are also reintroduced to an old way of life when dye plants served as medicine, food, detergents and fuel.

Revitalising cultural pride and being environmentally friendly is not the only benefit from Rosanne’s work, she has also provided a sustainable, well above standard income for the Isan women.

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