Hatti Trading is an ethical handbag company, their bags are handmade by survivors of human trafficking or disadvantaged women in Nepal.

Hatti production is based in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. When women are rescued from trafficking by The Esther Benjamins Trust, and after a time a rehabilitation they can be employed by Hatti under fair trade conditions. The women (min age 17) are offered the opportunity to work full time where Hatti provide secure accommodation with a house mother to care for them and receive training at the production centre. They are paid a good monthly wage, holiday, sickness, hospital fees and maternity pay, they also receive help to adjust to a new life.

When women initially return from a life of abuse, they find themselves outcast from their communities and branded ‘unclean’. However, while under Fair Trade employment, these women often find themselves the highest income earner in a family resulting in many of the girls being invited to live with relatives. The women are then empowered and no longer desperate for acceptance, they are valued and feel valued.

Hatti use natural materials and source locally wherever possible to reduce their carbon footprint.

Click here to view Hatti Trading’s website.

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