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A selection of unique pieces of jewellery from Caipora has been collected under the four natural elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air, so you can choose beautiful jewellery according to your style or mood.

Caipora draws together a selection of designers whose passion it is to explore the land’s natural elements and the fusion of cultures to produce fantastic ethical jewellery creations, paying special attention to quality and the spirit of human expression.

These core beliefs in sustainability and ethical production ensures that the jewellery is a true representation of the melting pot of culture that is Brazil.

Each collection line has its own story, so here is an opportunity for you to get to know the ideals and creativity behind your chosen pieces of jewellery

water - clean and beautiful

Natural elements are mixed with gold and silver to produce stunning, simple yet modern and elegant designs within the Water collection.

Golden grass, found only in a small place, is the inspiration for some of these clean, timeless and beautiful pieces of jewellery. Delicate frames of silver make these stunning pieces perfectly fabulous evening wear, as well as interesting day wear.

The Water collection represents clean, timeless, openness and fairness. You’ll see romance, beauty, and acceptance flow between elements used in the pieces.

fire – fun and vibrant

Are you a lively, energetic person? Perhaps you are getting ready for a happy occasion, or simply fun-loving in every-day life. The Fire collection will reflect your energy and vibrancy, making you feel happy and full of excitement.

This collection embodies energy, vibrancy, happiness and independence. It’s bold and lively, depicting
friendship and fun.

earth - mysterious beauty

The Earth collection is based on the seasons, with varied shapes taken from nature creating interest. Unusualmaterials are utilised to form balance and the feeling of engagement with nature.

The core values of trust, ethical practice, family, honour, stability and loyalty are portrayed in the pieces in this collection.

As the natural materials will vary in size, shape and colour, the jewellery is as individual as the person you are.

air - joyous tranquillity

Discover your playful side with the outspoken mix of colours, materials and elements within the Air collection. Feel elegant in the luxe and richness of gold, silver, pearls and semi-precious stones.

The air collection uses shapes and textures which blend together, suggesting movement.

This collection reflects fairness, happiness and joy, knowledge, order and tranquillity.

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