FACTORY EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY SALE - Currently at crazy cheap prices & all must go...


factory equipment for fashion and footwear manufacture being sold at RIDICULOUSLY cheap prices.

Factory based in Northampton, UK.

Please get in touch for a full list of items left:  info(@)offsetwarehouse.com


Amongst other items, there are :

  • Lasts:
    • About 200 pairs being sold off in sets of 16 from sizes 5-12
    • firecrash boots for firemen – easy to slip on
    • Slight modified, bulbous toe to make room for steel-toe cap
    • Most are wood (some plastic)
    • 1/3 of buying price = £160 for 16 pairs
    • Images available

  • Spares-or-repair Svit eyeletting machine, which moves a material, punches & eyelets. You might have to make or track-down a part. It's a small stand-alone machine.

  • Small table-top machine which will move a strap or roll of labels a precise length before cutting.

  • Couple of hem-folding machines for to use after applying glue or before sewing a thick material I think. They are the same sort of size as sewing machines and could probably be adapted to use with a treadle rather than a motor.

  • There are a lot of heavy duty sewing machines including ones with cylinder and post-beds for sewing odd shapes. Some are built-in to desks; some are stacked-up on shelves.

  • There's a huge press with microwave attachment which can cut and iron-together at the same time. Good for lined footwear vamps or synthetic wallets, folders, things made of plastic sheet or an odd sort of mesh insole for hot climates that it used to make (rolls of material available).  It’d have to be dismantled enough to go in the lift; loading bay available. There is another buyer but they’re a scrap dealer who might charge to collect.

  • There's a long roll of thick dark blue cotton or linen with the name of the supplier to get more, among a selection of other fabrics stiffeners and such.

  • There is a lot of dexion and chipboard, possibly thick cutting boards, and at least a hundred seconds in various boot designs.

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