The Ethical Fashion Forum took part in the 30th season of the UK's largest fashion buying event, Pure and Pure Spirit.  This year was extremely successful and there was a huge presence from ethical and sustainable brands, as well as brands hoping to integrate sustainability into their designs and supply chain.  We were able to connect with so many new designers and suppliers who quickly signed up to the network to become a member. 

The EFF Pure space was shared by its INNOVATION Award winners2011,Caipora, Chichia, EKO and ALAS.  These four winners represented the cream of talent and innovation from a large pool of entrants all hoping to win the prize of showcasing alongside the EFF at London Pure. To find out more about this years award winners and their brands you can read our recent SOURCE Intelligence article .




Amongst the hustle and bustle of designers, buyers, brands and boutique owners we discovered a few hidden gems. One being the I O U (I owe you) Project "", a Madrid based company that has developed an iphone application that scans all barcodes on their garments to connect the buyer with the artisan who wove the cloth, and the tailor responsible for the garment's construction. Alternatively you can go to their website and enter the barcode to reveal a portrait of the individuals who are responsible for creating the piece you buy. You can even upload a picture of yourself wearing and IOU piece to finnish off the whole traceable story!  They emphasize the importance of artisanship by using fair trade initiative in the weaving of their textiles as well as using small family run factories in Europe to construct each item.  The IOU project are a perfect example of traceable and transparent innovation whilst offering a more intimate portrait of the love and craftsmanship that goes into each unique garment. 


Overall our INNOVATION winners (as well as ethical brands alike) received a great deal of interest during their days at Pure.  Their excellent standard of design and quality, as well as upholding ethical and sustainable values, generated praise regarding their professional and commercial competence.  Contact our winners to connect with them and find out more about what they're doing after Pure...




EKO Sense





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Comment by emma mcginn on August 15, 2011 at 16:12
Beautiful picture ladies! and great article. Can't wait to see what these amazing brands do next...

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