It's DIY Thursday and this week we have a treat for everyone. Using your dads, boyfriends, brothers or grandads old shirts and turn them into fashionable summer dresses!






Jumper dress available at Offset Warehouse


Reusing old clothing is an easy way to be ethical in fashion - save textiles, one of the biggest contributors to landfills (that cause methane gases, that in turn cause global warming).  We sell lots of upcycled items items that used to be jumpers, shirts, jeans and are now chic must-haves!


As I sit typing this I am wearing one of my Grandad's old jumpers as a dress!


All you need is an old shirt, t-shirt or jumper, (make sure you have permission from the previous owner before you take their shirt!) a pair of scissors and a needle and thread or a sewing machine.



Shirt buttons down the back of the dress...
The adjustments to the shirt can be as simple as cutting off the sleeves and collar to create a strappy summer dress, or you may wish to keep the collar on the dress.  Why not cut off the top and sleeves and add a bit of elastic, to create a sweet 70s style?  Or swivel the buttons to the back, and cut the top into a fab boat-neck line?  The possibilities are endless!






And if you don't have the time, check out some of our upcycled shirt dresses here!





My own modified T-shirt-made into a vest dress, worn with leggings.


Once you have modified the shirt to how you want it, sew up any loose seams and then wear it however you want.


You may want to use a skinny belt to shape the dress, or simply leave it loose like a 60's shift dress.  I am wearing my jumper with a pair of black leggings and black flats to keep it simple.


This fun DIY task isn't just limited to our older Offsetters, younger Offsetters can also get involved and have a cute summer dress all ready for the summer holidays.





Child's shirt dress



Don't have time to fashion your own recycled clothing? Head on over to Offset Warehouse and browse through our collection of recycled jumpers and shirts so you look stylish all year round

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