In September at Cittadellarte the talk is going to be about fashion with an event dedicated to responsible fashion.

Opening 22nd September 2009 (by invitation)
23 September 2009 - February 2010

In 2009 - the year dedicated to natural fibre - Cittadellarte investigates fashion by launching an initiative born from the contamination between art with social responsibility and that part of the fashion world searching for a new model for ethical and sustainable development.

Cittadellarte Fashion – Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend is opening a workshop in Biella dedicated to the development of fashion based on the principles of sustainability.
The opening will be on the 22nd of September with an exhibition event aimed at connecting creativity, production, marketing and consumer awareness, through the presentation of sustainable products ranging from raw material to finished product, valorised by designers selected by Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia) and Michelangelo Pistoletto (

The event will open with a working conference that will have the participation of several personalities from different fields such as fashion, industry and sustainability, arts and research. During the working conference on the 22nd of September, Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, Alexia Niedzielski, Elizabeth von Guttman will present in preview EVER MANIFESTO her editorial project on ecology and sustainability.

The meeting, the presentation of the clothing created by the young designers and the exhibition to be inaugurated on the 22nd of September are not an ephemeral, one-off events but the start of a process, the opening of a place of work, exchange and research. The combination of various factors distinguishes and valorises this centre. These factors essentially consist of the identity of the Biella district, internationally renowned as a pole of textile excellence, and the activities of Cittadellarte, which commits art to the sustainable development of society.

The exhibition, the clothing created by the fashion designers, textiles and textile material of the companies that participated and the mirror artwork “Prima Scena - La presentazione” by M. Pistoletto, will be visible to the public from 23 September 2009, at the new spaces Cittadellarte.

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