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Kamoka Pearls - The riches of the sea

Kamoka Pearls – The riches of the sea.

The Pearl farm at sunset

Established in 1991 Kamoka Pearls is built on two basic principles. Ecological and social responsibility. It was clear to me just talking with Josh at the Tuscon Gem Fair this year that he and…


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Apartheid Ruby of Greenland

Surely this cannot be, the word Apartheid is a strong word to apply to such a benign idea as Ruby from Greenland. Yet unfortunately and to the shame of Denmark and Greenland this is exactly what is happening.

Inuit and Greenlanders are being intentionally marginalised from

prospecting, owning and selling ruby from the very island that is…

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Truth or Dare - The legacy of Gold Mining...

Jewellers who are rightly concerned about the providence of their raw materials will no doubt be concerned to have read at the beginning

of the year another account of an irresponsible Canadian gold mining

company. Goldcorp Group has been accused by CAFOD the UK Catholic Aid

agency of polluting the local river systems of the Siria Valley.

To quickly recap in September 2008 CAFOD found clear evidence of

contamination of water sources at a Goldcorp mine…


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The Virtuous Jewellery Circle

Being a fair trade and ethical jeweller is not easy. It takes time, money and conviction to move towards a place where our knowledge of the impact our business has on our supply chain is as detailed as our knowledge of our finished products, customers and profit lines.

Some have argued that it is not the responsibility of the jeweller to engage in the many complex issues that the long and complicated supply chains throw up. Yet as we all know, first through the impact that 'conflict… Continue

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