Hi I am looking for a few metres of silk that is not boiled or gassed to make some clutches, the colours I am after are black and raspberry see photo attached. Please contact me if you have some or know a supplier of silk. 



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Hi, Claudia. We have some beautiful, organic, hand-reeled silk fabric. Cerise colour (raspberry?); it's got a cerise warp and an undyed weft, so there's a shimmer to it.. It would make lovely clutches, as it's a medium weight. See it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9255099@N08/6741495873/in/set-72157628....

This silk is hand-loomed and naturally dyed by a women's weaving co-op in NE Thailand and fairly traded by TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles. Please email me for price: ask(a)tammachat.com. We have 5-6 metres of it; it ships from Canada.

More about TAMMACHAT at www.tammachat.com.

Hi Ellen,

How much is it per metre? I have a Canadian address you can send this to since I have someone going to Canada in a few days.



Hello Claudia,

For silk fabrics pls contact us ranga@organicclothesindia.com.

with regards,



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