Really informational book about different aspects of your life you can change and make green with lots of useful information. Especially for someone who really wants to think about they're life style. Has a brillant little green book in the back with contact details for everyone that was mentioned in the book. So if your new to green living would definately be a fantastic first read and a great reminder for everyone else - Just incase you feel yourself sliding. Took me a while to get into it but I guess its not a novel! Rating 5/5. Feeling more inspired :-)

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im still yet to read this but will get onto it
i liked it as well, fun to read, some interesting links
there was a blog but seems not to be updated anymore...
I bought this one at christmas - a great read with lots of really useful info, websites, addresses, practical and easy steps each person can take to living a greener life!
Beau illustrations too with a really personal note from lilly cole.


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