I have just recently launched a new clothes swap website Posh-swaps.com. It is completely free to swap, buy and sell clothes.

If you are looking for the ultimate in sustainable style and eco fashion, clothes swapping and second hand clothes is the perfect solution. Not only does it reduce waste but it also reduces the impact of manufacturing new clothes including pollution and carbon foot prints.

I would love you to have a look. Any feedback on the site gratefully accepted.


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Sounds great! Can't wait to get involved!
Hi Ceri,
I am currently writing my undergrad dissertation on clothes swapping, my research is seeking to uncover the extent to which clothes swapping is an ethical, economic and socail movement. The research is based on interviews, and I would love to have a chat with your about your views!
Let me know if you are available!
Love the idea and your site. It is catching on here in the US. I am going to have one in August and I know it will go over well.
yea, it is Oct. and how is your business?
Quite a good idea, i will log into it now and see what i can swap
Hi Ceri,

I love the site - great idea to have an online swap! I think clothes swaps can be a brilliant way of promoting the idea that sustainable consumption doesn't have to be worthy - it can be glamourous and fun!

We are having a swap on 14th November in Brighton at the uber-glam Lansdowne Place hotel. I'd love you to have a look at our website: http://myswish.co.uk/My_Swish/Coming_up.html.


Hi Ceri,


I think your site is great, I volunteer in a charity shop and am always disappointed to see only the older generations coming in and buying the second hand clothes. I think your site is an innovative idea to reach younger audiences and also educate people about sustainable fashion.

Hope the site is proving to be a hit.





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