The future of alpaca fibre - short survey - give me your opinion!

I am making a survey on alpaca among the fashion industry professionals.

What is your opinion on the future on alpaca fibre?

How would you position it in relation to other noble fibres like cashmere?

Which is your perception and ideas on this fibre?

Any comments and ideas would really be beneficial to my analysis.


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hey, i am really keen to learn about your survey findings as I am in contact with an al paca farm and might look to develop the business further. are you a designer looking to work with the fibre as we might be looking for designers?
all the best,
Hi Joanna,

it's interesting to be in touch!
I am not a designer but I am a international marketing and trade specialist working with alpaca suppliers from Peru. With the organisation I am part of, SPINNA (a foundation focussed on fostering women entrepreneurship), we train and mentor producers of alpaca garments and assist them market them on international markets.
Do you think we might have common areas of co-operation?

Let me know and cheers
Hi, great to hear from you. i think we might have lots of interwoven interests (excuse the pun!). i am interested in developing the ethical farming side of fashion at the moment. i am currently exploring the possibility of setting up a Care Farm ( with an al paca farm in the UK. As a social enterprise the farm could be co-run by people with social and emotional needs, thus providing meaningful work. Part of that work could be with the fibre as well as looking after the animals. I am meeting the farmer(ess) tomorrow and we will discuss various models of possible sustainable enterprises. I am sure we will have overlapping interests as there could be international links. i worked in Peru a few years ago and have only ever seen al pacas on the alta plana! it will be quite different in the UK.
Look forward to staying in touch,
Hi Joanna,

great project you have!
Pleas,e keep me updated and maybe, at a certain stage, we can meet up or talk through skype?

let me know!


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