Survey on consumer behaviour towards eco-luxury T-shirts

Hi,I am conducting a survey for my MA project at London College of Fashion to understand the consumer behaviour towards eco-fashion clothing in the premium and luxury segment with a primary focus on eco-luxuryT-shirts. Please go to this link and fill up the survey questionnaire.

Please forward this all your friends as well. Your opinions and viewpoints matter alot and it would be of great help to me if you couldcomplete the survey. 

Thank you once again.

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Hi Lavanya,

I completed this for you. I liked your survey set-up too, you seem to know what your doing, more than me, anyway!

You seem to be making good use of this site, with events and other things going on... I'm not quite into the swing of it yet.

Would you mind completing my survey?


I have started to study part time, so don't have as many contacts to circulate to. :-/

Thanks, K


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