Survey research for market report - looking for supporters of ethical fashion to contribute... pretty please! :)

Hello all,


I'm currently studying Design Management & Innovation (BA) at DMU, and as part of a market report I wantto do, I am exploring ethical fashion moving into mainstream, and hoping you guys would help to give me more insight.


I realise many surveys get posted, and if you do mine, I'll do yours! ;-)


The survey has just over 20 questions, but because I am utilizing free online survey tools (which im a newbie to), I have had to break it down into 3 parts, each with several (10 at most) questions on.




Please complete all 3 parts (3 surveys-sorry!). It should not take much more than 5 minutes to complete.


Your time is most appreciated;


Women's Fashion - Part 1 (general)


Women's Fashion - Part 2 (on-line vs in-store)


Women's Fashion - Part 3 (ethical fashion)


Thanks once again…


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