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I can only speak from a perspective of children's fashion but it seem's there is a wealth of designer brands with a passion for sustainability coming from Europe, mainly Denmark.


Just off the top of my head there's Katvig, Katvig use organic cotton and recycled polyester (fair enough) but they have also developed a transport system which focuses on saving packaging etc. The transport side of things is a whole aspect I hadn't even considered. How much of the damage done to the environment through clothing manufacture is caused by the transport of goods rather than the actual materials used? A lot I would imagine.

BirdKids - Children's Clothing - There's a few Katvig items on here if you are interested.


Also would buying these goods from Europe and shipping them over here offset the environmental benefits the manufactures have strived so hard to attain?


Are there any similar brands to watch out for based here in the UK, please get in touch.


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The only ethical children's brand in the UK is Green Baby - however they manufacture their garments in South India - so although they are organic there is still the issue of transporting them. I think the problem is that as far as I know organic cotton is not being grown in the UK, and cotton is the main fabric used in babies and children-swear. 




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