TekayThis spring, a philanthropic ceremony of dance, culture and fashions was celebrated in Houston, Texas to benefit orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya.Among the presenters of the African Ball event was Kimma Wreh, the Creative Director of TeKay Designs, a Houston, Texas fashion design house. “With our fashions on this night we salute all people of moral excellence. Beauty may be skin deep, but style endures. Style encompasses character and virtue. It takes people of moral excellence to respond to the philanthropic needs of society.” says Kimma.

TeKay Designs presented one of a kind fashions that were created using East African Kikoy fabrics from Kenya; along with other ethnic inspired fashions within their 2012 collection. TeKay Designs creates fashions that are symbolic to many African cultures.

TeKayKimma declares, “For this night it was important to acknowledge the cultural styles found in Kenya. We presented a few select garments made from Kikoy cloth developed in Kenya and is indicative to Kenyan culture. At TeKay, our passion is to embrace cultural pride through the personal identity of our customers by offering tailored design services. The Kenyan fabrics we presented this night were hand made in Africa. Building our teams abroad included providing the best equipment and tools to ensure they are able to produce the highest quality garments to maintain the TeKay Designs standards. We’ve spent many hours training in various nations abroad to ensure that workers understand what TeKay expects, and our customers have come to love. As these nations have very different trade standards from the US. TeKay Designs is also committed to fair trade practices, and improving the quality of life for our production teams abroad. Keeping updated with unique style trends is a daily mission. In addition, the logistics for manufacturing and shipping from over-seas is certainly challenging. But for our customers and people of moral excellence, the efforts are worth it!

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Africa BallTeKay Designs supports the Culturally Yours mission, which provides funding to a Kenyan orphanage in Africa annually. The non-profit organization Culturally Yours funds lifestyle amenities for orphaned children. The funding is allocated to proper school and athletic uniforms as well as recreational facilities to help keep the children off the harsh streets. TeKay Designs has worked annually with Lillian Malit who directs cultural dance performances throughout the state of Texas and beyond to raise funds for the African orphans. In this case, the spirit of giving back is a style that displays moral excellence ...and that’s a fitting look for everyone.

TeKay Designs Inc.
Kimma Wreh
P.O. Box 692454,
Houston, TX 77269

website: www.tk-designs.com
Email: tekayd@yahoo.com

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