What we have been traying to do....do you?

We are ethical and rights base social business initiator, facilitator and entrepreneurship developer involved in the sector where the rural mothers of the primary school going children do fashion wear manufacturing and the fathers safe food cultivation.  We follow the form of collective cultivation and community based strategy. The ownership of the farmers/actors over the process and the portion of the profit and the development for empowerment of their families inclusively the part of the business concept. We are committed to emphasize on self-sufficient technical and logistic sourcing and arrangement, which suppose to be a sustainable arrangement for the process. It's determined by the availability; cost effectively, durability, functionality. All together this arrangement would create a local efficiency and acceptance for the sustainable business. none other than the sweated farmers and the producers are the sole owner of the proud where we play the role of a facilitator and primary capital supplying partner along with their heart like pieces of land which contributed by them with pretty long experience in the field. We invest but they never came in empty hands. It's an inclusive programming with holistic approach in synergistic

template of a new concept of business. The women and the children are to be included in tiers to lead to the true empowerment through learning life skills and trade skills by the mothers and life and social skills with essential extra tuition by the children. Ensuring quality ethical and ethical pricing dedicated to the best interest of the producers and end users.



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