Trying to Connect with Fashion industry!

I am trying to start up a Fair Trade Fashion company, but in order for this business idea to be successful I need to hear advice from Fashionistas and Fashion entrepreneurs alike. 


Currently I am based out of the US, Florida specifically. I have a background in business and healthcare but not so much in Fashion. I feel there is great opportunity in the Ethical Fashion industry here in the states and want to create this startup as soon as possible. 


However, I must admit that my knowledge of the fashion industry is bare to say the least. I have done research on the Fashion industry but I feel that my best opportunity to be successful at my business endeavour  I need to know more information about the realities of the Fashion Industry.  My first question is what is the best way to find and get in contact with Fair Trade cooperatives which will provide my future company with the ethical materials to make the clothes.


Also, I would love for some advice about the entire process of making a piece of clothing, from producer to consumer. I have read articles of the general steps but I know from experience that general steps and actual steps due to external forces could complicate and thus provide a greater cost to creating a piece of garment. I understand the general steps but I still have several questions. For example, once I find a producer willing to create the article of clothing, do I send a schematic with the measurements to the producers or do I send a prototype with the schematics to the producers? 


Anyways those are just some of the many (too many to list, lol) , so any advice or contacts would be GREATLY appreciative.


Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from y'all soon!





*edit* Last night when I wrote this I forgot to add my contact info, whoops! So here it is:


Travis Miller


Because I know this is a predominantly UK site, my time zone is Central Daylight Time.

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