Brazilian brand uses the upcycling in its processes

The famous word today when it comes to sustainability in fashion is upcycling. There are countless fashion designers around the world that has implemented this concept in their products and projects.

A good example here in Brazil is the textile designer Juliana Suarez’s own brand Maria Lixo. The main product are the bags which are made from plastic bags from supermarkets and shops and food packaging. The process involves developing and applying techniques of embroidery fabrics, sequins and colorful rubber bands.

Maria Lixo editorial (credits to Moda do Futuro)

The techniques used make the junction and the strengthening of the bag providing a sturdy fabric that looks like leather, for the production of handbags, wallets, accessories (as they are smaller, they are made from scraps of materials), upholstered and items of decoration.

some handbags: they are colorful and feminine and sustainable made

the other products of Maria Lixo

With a small production, exclusive models (all of what today’s consumers want!) and a feminine and playful aesthetic with collages of pictures of flowers, birds and people which remember – a lot – a patchwork, Maria Lixo is a luxury.

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