I have wanted to write about women who have excelled in the green movement from its beginnings to today. Looking back I realize that they are plenty already so I will be adding more as I keep my investigation.

Katharine Hamnett: The visionary

Iconic designer from the 80′, she had much success with her creations but what made her jump to fame was the protest messages stamped on the basic cotton shirts. Her slogans have been around the world but her contribution does not end here. We owe much to its innovative fabrics, stretch denim created, finishing distress washing, stone washing, garment dye and more. She planted the first seed of the environmentally responsible ethical clothing concept at a time that all this sounded weird.
A true revolutionary in a wonderful creative mind that not only promoted what is now known as eco-fashionbut discovered great talents in the art world as the great photographers Ellen von Unwerth, Terry Richardson and Jurgen Teller. Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer made their first campaigns for her.

Katharine Hamnett The ladies of Green Thinking I

In the late eighties in full success, the emptiness of her heart led her to reflect on the actions. Her Buddhist beliefs made her wonder if she was hurting some living with the production methods and this led her to research and realize that someone actually suffered. Her first step was to try to change the fashion industry from within. It was impossible mission. She decided to raise awareness and inform the final consumer as it is who has the last word. A success.
Now she has a clear conscience, respects people and the planet and is proud to see public figures carry her organic cotton shirts throwing her messages to the world.

 The ladies of Green Thinking I

To know more about Katharine just click www.katharinehamnett.com

Lily Cole: Today’s voice

This Cambridge student and British eco model has become the voice of the current eco movement and created with her partner Katherine Poulton its own brand of organic clothing The North Circular. They are using the experience and wisdom of artisan weavers and creative talent of young designers to shape the original british Wensleydale wool. The whole creative process takes place between cups of tea and a family atmosphere much like the english countryside.
Lily has been criticized for putting on the ropes to the industry that feeds her but she defends herself saying that there is always a better way to produce and that the final decision rests on the consumer.
This aware beauty also defends the high price of organic clothing as she says we have become low cost consumers that expects buying very cheap without asking why is so cheap.
A reflection that leads us to believe that if we paid less is because someone across the planet is gaining little and living in miserable conditions. Knowing this we must answer the question: Are you a responsible consumer? Is up to you.

The North Circular2 The ladies of Green Thinking I

Visit their web thenorthcircular.com

It is important that the consumer knows where things come from. Only then we can take part in this mild activism respecting each other and the planet that sustains us.