Start strutting your green stuff in 2011 with Fashioning Change

Change wants to help you ring in 2011 with a Green New Years Resolution! Our new
Facebook Application helps you expand your ethical living habits and show off their greenness in 2011. 


Fashioning Change is a social enterprise startup made up of eco-fashionistas, passionate fair-trade evangelists, and super computer hackers.   We’re fusing together technology, eco-friendly and ethical e-commerce, social activism, and corporate social responsibility to create positive change in the
manufacturing industry.


When you sign-up to use our FB application you:


·      Have a location to make a New Years Resolution

·      Receive recommends for impactful Green Resolutions and tips to keep suggested

·      Are able to invite friends to comment on your Resolution

·      Can discover, share, and champion daily eco tips throughout 2011

·      Can flaunt off your greenness and compare your green ranking to that of your Facebook friends


To get started click here or visit: 


We hope to see many of our EFF friends struttung your green stuff using our new Facebook app.


With Aloha,

Adriana Herrera


P.S. We’re also looking to connect with new eco designers that can show the lifecycle of their garments.   

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