Soko Bags - new product line in the USA

We have launched our new product line in the USA !

Please send us contacts for appropriate retailers, product shows and conventions.

Tosheka Textiles, LLC – USA/Kenya is a social entrepreneurial enterprise, with extensive experience in commercial and community based textile production. We specialize in the production of “green textiles” for home, clothing and fashion accessories. All of our products are made from natural fibers, recycled materials, and eco-friendly dyes. They are handcrafted using fair labor practices, traditional weaving, knitting, and crochet techniques of Kenya artisans, provide them with sustainable incomes and can be made from the comfort of their own communities.

We are premiering our Soko Bags, a new and exciting line of stylish, high fashion, handcrafted eco-friendly handbags made from clean recycled plastic and other fibers. They are a fashion essential for consumers who want trendy and functional accessories to complete their unique look. They are offered in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes, bold colors and eclectic patterns and available on-line and in exclusive boutiques.

The “Recycled Treasures Collection” consists of shoulder and handheld bags etc. in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns, handcrafted from recycled plastic bags and trimmed and accented with other natural fibers. The line includes; totes, beach, messenger bags, a signature “Kiondo” basket-inspired fashion purse, and Ipad and laptop carriers for consumers who want functional fashion accessories.

This collection is inspired by the “Soko market bags” that is traditionally woven and referred to as a Kiondo basket. We are motivated by an effort to restore traditional skills, reduce the harmful environmental effects of plastic waste in Africa.  Also, Eco-friendly fashion has become one of the most prominent topics in the fashion and style arena stirring the interest of consumers and participation from global high-fashion brands to local designers.

A partnership between the Kenyan mega-retailer Nakumatt, comparable to Wal-Mart in the US, was established to spearhead a recycling initiative with a built-in incentive program that motivates shoppers to recycle used plastic bags. We now have all of the major and several of the secondary supermarket chains have now joined our organized effort to dramatically reduce environmental pollution in Kenya caused by the lack of effective collection and recycling systems for plastic bags. 

This project was only conceived of nine months ago but we believe our efforts have established an effective platform that we can use to collaborate to rid Kenya of this most substantial health problem and provide sustainable incomes for thousands of people.

Our designs are inspired by Kenya’s rich cultures and the colors, textures and elements of the country’s natural environment and our products can be distinguished by their product uniqueness and quality craftsmanship. In Swahili the word Tosheka means “satisfaction”.

Our project helps to restore traditional skills, provide a living wage for hundreds of producers and help rid our community of this polluting health hazard. We are an ethical and progressive company, committed to the sustainable development of Africa.

Tosheka Textiles, LLC

Lucy Bigham – Executive Director


Herman Bigham - Managing director

215-694-9006 - website:

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