Say YES to sustainble fashion and NO to fast fashion!

Simple, right? But how many of us knows the difference between sustainable, ethical or slow fashion versus fast fashion?
To start with sustainable fashion concerns the environment, ethical fashion concerns the human rights and slow fashion concerns the clothing piece itself while fast fashion are low-cost clothing collections that mimic current luxury fashion trends , unethical, and causes environmental damage.
Now you will say , “ok, but i don’t see any issue”. Well let’s put it this way -when it comes to fast fashion the labor standards for workers are very low ,working 12 hours a day for $3 or less.While when it comes to sustainable, ethical or slow fashion are developing small garment industries in communities, building co-ops to profit workers with fair wages.
When it comes to fast fashion it’s impossible to produce ethical, Eco-friendly clothing at the rate that fast fashion demands while maintaining genuinely high quality and environmentally sustainable standards.And yes slow fashion it takes longer to produce because of the higher quality of the items and because it’s focused on sustaining the environment and workers.(we know that). But fast fashion fabrics are full of toxins and harsh chemicals while slow, ethical and sustainable fashion are using locally sourced fabrics, organic and natural fabrics, as well recycled materials. Here at Gnana we create versatile and timeless pieces using archaic techniques and local fabrics with Eco dyes from our local supplier !
Slow, ethical and sustainable fashion it’s concentrated locally, supporting local business and hiring local workers.And yes, we agree it can be expensive but it lasts for years and much longer than a few washes, meaning that quality and money wise you will win. Why?Well, let’s say you just purchase 1 t-shirt from a fast fashion industry.You wash it one time, maybe 2 times and the color already vanished,the material is getting worst, maybe you can use it 2-3 times more and then you will just say “ ok i will wear it only when i am home”.Maybe in 1 year you will have to buy 2-3 t-shirts more.Putting all those money together and buying 1 t-shirt at a higher quality will save you more money and will last more. Don’t look at it like a short-term investment, look at it like a long-term investment.
We understand that it’s hard to take a choice when it comes to choosing the right lifestyle but we can start with little conscious steps, you may be surprised what you will receive in return.

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Comment by Dharmesta on July 15, 2017 at 5:23
Hello, i am dharmesta. I come from Indonesia. In Indonesia i still looking for eco material. And it must be import and too expensive for me. My question is if i still use non eco material for slow fashion. Is it ok?

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