Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Coach Wristlet is Authentic

Coach Company was actually founded in a loft in Manhattan, New York in the first half of 1940ies. Considering that the Coach Company was founded with only a low starting capital and with only sixth employees, the business acumen of the company founder was clearly evident, which was the basis for the continuous - and in some instances - sudden rise. Now they have a lot more employees and a bigger facility.

Since it is a designer high end type of a wristlet, it's the subject of knock-offs and look-alikes very often.

Here are some quick tips and tricks, as well as suggestions of how to make sure your Coach wristlet is authentic. First of all, check for the YKK on the zipper and CC or C pattern in stitching for authenticity. Almost all authentic purses have this. Also, the real ones have the stitching all the way to the bottom.

It comes with a verification card and with a little bag to hold your bag. That way you can store it correctly. Fake Coach has circles – everywhere around the bag. Pretty much, that's how you can tell a real from the fake.

Coach products are made with finest leather and with the finest craftsmanship in the world. The leather should not pucker, wrinkle or appear to be uneven.

You can buy it for yourselves or as a gift. But be careful, you might not want to give it away once you see just how beautiful it is. They do come with a price to pay, but you can consider as an investment to your good looks.

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