Mainstream press: Who features ethical fashion?


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Launched: 2009

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In a nutshell: Owned by powerhouse publisher Condé Nast, the Vogue brand is the world’s style bible. With an international readership, VOGUE.COM UK provides breaking fashion news, exclusive interviews and an archive of covers showcasing favourites such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.

Covering the ins and outs of the fashion sector comprehensively, ethical brands are profiled on The Green Style Blog: focusing solely on ethical fashion and staging it in high profile contexts whilst Livia Firth’s The Green Carpet Challenge blog is committed to chronicling the movements of her self-initiated mission to bring ethical fashion to the red carpet. Whilst mainly concentrating on the luxury sector, VOGUE.COM UK’s discerning eye is hugely influential and the ultimate platform for emerging brands with a high price point.

Who reads it? The trend watcher – the readership is wide-ranging yet predominantly female.

Who’s on it? Christopher Raeburn, William Tempest and Stella McCartney

EDITOR’S TIP! “Make your story one we haven’t read before – what is it about you that stands you apart from anyone else […] send an e-mail mentioning a feature that you have read and enjoyed, and suggest that your product might be suitable for a similar feature.” Dolly Jones, Editor


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