John Patrick is actually a man of many hats!

His first was a beanie of macrobiotic foods when he grew up in the counter-culture revolution of the 60's. But he soon exchanged that one for the cap of communal living in the 1970’s.

With no formal training or experience, John Patrick launched his career in 1982, literally from the top down, by making head wear out of vintage finds. He sported the chapeau of women's fashion designer for the next 20 years.

In 2002, John reached for a new headpiece, first, by moving from 7th Street of New York City to an abandoned warehouse upstate where he began researching organic materials and production processes of low environmental impact.

In 2003, John put on a sombrero and set out to explore organic farming in Peru where he later launched Organic—a complete line of high quality and first-rate fits for eco-conscious men and women!

Working with organic farming collectives in the Peruvian Amazon, John innovated the applications of botanical dyes, organic wool yarns, and jungle grown cottons, all the while intertwining the practices of hand weaving, recycled fabrics, and whole-animal leather production.

Not only has John demonstrated concern for green garments like “jungle tees” but he has also instituted ethical working environments for workers to enjoy fair wages. To John, the definition of green goes far beyond fabrics as it embraces honesty, truthfulness, and ethics, which in turn spells c-o-m-m-i-t-m-e-n-t to each individual in the process.

Outfitting men and women from head to toe with eco-wear has been no easy course to chart. Thus, John's journey towards sustainable apparel continues to evolve and change. But sometimes life is just like choosing a hat: you have to try on a few until the right one fits!

So, John Patrick, I take off my hat to you for being the pioneer that you are in the green movement!

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