Introducing SEHBO: Linking Nepalese craftsmanship and artisans with western markets

SEHBO is a sustainable and environmentally conscious business and manufacturing unit working to link Nepalese craftsmanship and artisans with western markets. Built on the belief that trade has the ability to transform communities and positively impact lives, SEHBO looks for new markets for traditional handicrafts, working to expand and modernise traditional methods.
SEHBO is currently focusing on the production of natural, intricate handmade buttons of bone and horn from discarded buffalo from the meat trade. By recycling these materials, they are able to produce unique intricate buttons and jewellery whilst creating sustainable livlihoods for the artisans.
Providing consulting, sourcing and buying services for overseas customers, SEHBO helps to link artisans with the western world. They also work closely with the suppliers, to help them incorporate efficient, environmentally friendly business practice to produce items that meet international quality standards.

For more information and sourcing requests, get in touch with Deborah directly:

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