H&M promises fair wages for global suppliers

By Jon Whiteaker - 05:12PM - Thu 1st September 2011

International clothing retailer H&M has signed up to the Fair Wage Network (FWN) initiative which helps to ensure decent pay levels for manufacturers around the globe, it was revealed today.

FWN works by bringing fashion brands, garment producers, non-governmental organisations, employee representatives and researchers together to ensure that the workers helping to create the clothes consumers love receive an acceptable level of income.

The first part of the process will involve the Fair Labour Association (FLA) assessing wage structures at more than 200 key suppliers to the fashion firm, in countries such as China, India, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Helena Helmersson, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at H&M, said: “Wages in our supply chain are a key focus in our sustainability work. Wage structures however are often complex and so are global supply chains.

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Comment by N.J.Bond on September 15, 2011 at 2:51


    Fair wages and profit to traders come second when the world in collective crisis


   First comes  quality at organic level  and  people and earth  benefits at fashion  and style  need be blended . This takes  evolved people in roots in rural areas  to be producers and right material  extremely well made  end users /consumers. 3rd millanium will eliminate lots of olden days middle layers .  Rural small / tiny operation  in remote village must build capacity to  process order A-Z of customized direct from end users .WLith available technology it is no difficult  to invent and re create  A-Z  for producers  in 3 rd world poor nations who are traditionally producing . It is interactive ,informative , convesing communicative resource we need to take creative use.Unless we tap this source of of nature all others will fail.

Traditional tiny units alone can cost control  talented  designers-cum-mediators on line alone can operate  translating the wish/ luxury /dreams /desire /needs of end user's hI- style and fashion needs  by use of Cyber space tech tools deliver in days  on fabric ready and in weeks on customized items .

This is nothing impossible to the Social medias marketing days .Designers mediators producers and endusers all need be brought under workable plat-forums.Knowledge increased mind-set shifted to times trend .No politicians  , industrialists  big corporates seen to be doing it  and they try to shelter themselves in traditional ways and methods / stereotype methods .


There are many paths to walk in this industry . If right one takes  time  it must be tried . We are fed up of the old channels  of Chemical-goods mass production and competitions  and limited edtions . The divine  can be allowed to express in each and every one in the industry its  exclusivity green garments .This is inward exploiting of mother nature  that is going to be our future .No use in out ward exploiting the  Earth . People are getting addict now to things that is good for them  holistically . On cannot keep on selling the chemical goods that is injurous to body mind and soul and that is pollution poison creating to bio,chemical radiation level to individual and whole world .


For example in the Denim Industry alone some 85,000 metric tons of  synthetic Indigo is used . According to Ayur-vedha  live science it is poison . This can be stopped by use of natural Indigo  rural made at  much cheaper than the chemical good's cost .It will take less power enrich body holistic  to improve immune system and  improve soil,water, kitchen home and the entire atmosphere  where it is produced and  where it is stocked and sold . Think of  T-shirts , Office going shirts , day work wear .


It is a fact that big corporates have structures issues  to implement these changes on natural items . This means changes are happening in the world  in which direction big corporates are moving . If they still move in the direction they are suited to  organisationally  they have to remain  on re inventing wheel .

This means they are detached to times real trend . They are holding on tails  of the unconscious-beast our  immediate ancestors  passed on us  during their troubled times .


We are in organic era , consumers are frugal in spending . Our politicians are ruling economy with 0% wisdom. Most of them who are occupying the power seats today are only anesthesia babies of 60s and 70s. They are not sensitive to color and fibers.Coming generations of youth  are antithetical to Michael Jakson era . Once when time and space was evil  we created radiation Spandex , now the time and space is transforming to real and true values , the need for creative adapting to trend.


Big corporates must wake up and small independent  creative retailers online need to come to promote the natural green garments . Offsetwarehouse.com  is one example on line retailer.   

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