PremiereVisión Ecoology1 Why? Green and the City

We want to introduce you to our new Blog “Green and the City“.

A new way to nurture, energize and give life to our brand. Ecoology has a very clear philosophy: green, design and digital. We want to share with you and give you the opportunity to express your opinion. In our blog you will find all the topics that inspire us when designing our organic clothing collections. Proposals also include some very cool post to combine our green clothes following the fashion trends and taking into account the most fashionable accessories at the time. What you can not miss!

Our brand is green and urban and breathe in “Green and the City“. We are inspired by themes such as sustainable architecture and contemporary art and we are passionate about new trends that are capable of combining both urban worlds and sustainable.

Each collection starts from a panel called “Premiere Vision”, we paste images into it very diverse. Some are from the world of fashion, simple illustrations, vintage items, philosophical statements, lifestyle, colors, shapes or objects that seem essential and inspiring.

Some of the elements in what we are inspired to design the winter collection have been the 40’s and 50’s, the successful TV series Mad Men, our organic fabrics, our Mediterranean light, organic raw wool, Zen or color palettes. And of course the international decorating and fashion magazines. All these with the sight of our ecological and cool and the return to simple things, well made and well finished garments in hight raw material quality.

PremiereVisión2 Ecoology copia Why? Green and the City

Ecoology is a way of life in which they reflect our personal values and this blog is that universe feed. We have a futuristic vision of what we wish fashion to be, should be respectful with all beings in this world and cool at a time. ¿Opposite? Yes, and real.