Flordemano - Beautifully Sustainable for Beautiful Little Ones.

Behind Flordemano

I am warm, I am colourful, I am holding you….

Warm, colourful, comfortable original designs that are ethically produced.


Flordemano offers a unique hand knitted and lambskin collection for babies and young children. They work closely with suppliers using natural materials whilst ensuring environmental and social responsibility is at the heart of their work. 

Flordemano's vision is to run a business that works with peoples individual creativity and innovation to offer collections that are high quality, ethically produced and beautiful. They provide customers with a resource to make ethical choices that will contribute to brighter and more sustainable future for our children and beyond. 

Flordemano recognises Fair Trade as a means of creating opportunities for all and supports farming and production methods that are sustainable with minimal impact on the environment. Flordemano values the knowledge of local cultures, applying traditional techniques and artisanal skills that have been passed on through generations. Through these methods of production, variety and uniqueness are realised.  

Flordemano inspired by the very essence of its meaning, "flower of hand", and reflecting the story behind it, offers a natural collection of timeless items with that special hand-made feel imparted from the natural fibres and hand knitted garments and accessories.  

Flordemano is a South American term often used to express “the ability to create something beautiful”


Shop here at Flordemano.com

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