Fashion Summit 2009 & Climate Change Conference: Copenhagen

Climate change demands that we closely examine the rapid change that the environment is undergoing and its causes, and the respective effects that these changes have on economic and human development. It begs us to act wisely for a healthy and prosperous future. Eco-enterprise is one flexible and effective approach toward constructing more socially responsible business practices. Apart from economic prosperity, it helps to return social by-products like community unification and participation and individual empowerment, and creates unexpected investors and partnerships (with names and faces) across nations, even hemispheres.

Within the global fashion industry, ecopreneurship, especially microenterprise in the global South, is capable of integrating diverse and seemingly conflicting political and economic ideals and encouraging communication and cooperation between the major players in traditional and ethical fashion. Eco-enterprise also lends to awareness about crucial environmental and socio-economic current affairs. This occurs simultaneously with investment in social causes. Alleviating human exploitation becomes as valued and paramount as marketing and profit.

Today The 2009 Fashion Summit brings together pioneers of the ethical fashion industry to visualize and discuss sustainable business models.

So now you know what the hell climate change has to do with la mode.

Look out for more on ecopreneurship, the ethical fashion industry and the eradication of global poverty in the next few days :)

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