FABRIC LOVE| Don't you love waking up in the morning to a whole new set of sumptuous samples?! Lime green peace silk? Eeee!


PEACE SILK | Luxurious silks free from animal cruelty! 

What is Peace Silk...?

Silk comes from the cocoons of silk worms. Peace Silk allows the silkworm to complete its lifecycle and only once the moth has emerged from its cocoon it is placed in boiling water. The boiling water dissolves the gummy substance holding the cocoon together, so the strands of silk can be unwound and then turned into thread, yarn or fabric. 

So, how is that any different to regular silk? 

Regular silk is extracted by placing the cocoon AND the silkworm in boiling water. This means the silk worm is killed in the process! 

We have an awesome range of luxurious Peace Silks, free from animal cruelty - Take a look!

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