Awamaki Lab aims to empower and provide a stable source of income for indigenous women weavers and single mothers in Ollantaytambo, Peru through a fashion design collective that promotes fair-trade ethics.

The project is an experiment in the construction of a durable whole from multiple artistic points of view. It is the symbiosis of the aesthetic perspectives of both Quechua weavers and young fashion designers, whose combined labor brings to fruition something beautiful and practical. Ultimately, it is an exploration of how different cultures can work together to benefit each other, applying those tried and true team-building exercises to stimulate the local economy in rural Peru.

On paper this probably reads very grandiose, and so we have no illusions of the difficult task ahead of us. But we also have faith in the power of art to evoke something visceral that can lead to positive social change. Our first season is under way and we are thrilled to share the work with the EFF community. If you would like to get involved and/or contribute to this project, please visit us here or contact for more information.

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