Add your Twitter or Facebook status to your page on the EFF Network!!!

Here is how to add your Twitter status stream to your page:

1) Click on My Profile and visit your page on the network
2) Underneath your photo, you will see a little + add apps button
3) In the most popular menu, you will find the application My Status
(if you can’t find it, try and clicking on this link)
4) Click on Add to My Page
5) You will then find it on the bottom of your page.
6) In the My Status Box, click on Settings
7) Select how many updates you would like to have on your page
8) Login to your twitter Account
9) On Twitter – Click on Profile
10) On Twitter – Underneath the box of who you are following – click on the RSS feed of (your) tweets
11) This will take you to another page which shows all your status updates – copy and paste the URL of this page
12) Then go back to the Settings Section of My Status on your network profile
13) In the box Include Status Updates From Another Service? Paste the RSS feed from your twitter account into this.
14) Click on save.
15) Hover your mouse over the silver My Status bar, so that a cross arrow icon appears, then drag the box to the top of your page, so that everyone can see your status.
16) Enjoy!!
17) For your facebook status – see below!

For Facebook:
Go up to sep 7.
Then follow this intsruction to paste into the Status Updates from Another Service bar.
Use the URL to go you your status feed. On the right column, below the list of views, there is a link to the rss feed for your statuses. Copy the "My Status" link and paste it in the RSS feed box in the "status" application.

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Comment by Amisha Ghadiali on September 19, 2009 at 13:12
It seems that if you do it this way, that the status can only be viewed when somebody clicks on the My Apps page.

The other option is to add the RSS feed of your tweets to your page.

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