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Where Does Linen Come From?

As you've noticed, we've been adding to our range of eco fabrics suitable for digital printing.  One of our more popular ranges is our "linen" range, but since their arrival, we've been hearing the same questions:


"What is Linen" and "Why is Linen Ethical"?

So, being the helpful people we are, we thought we'd shed some light!




What is…


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Nasty Nasty Chemical Leather…

There are principally two types of leather tanning: Vegetable and chrome.  Chrome is known to be nasty nasty, and here’s why…


Vegetable tanning refers to the use of natural tannins to create usable leather from hides. Natural tannins are present in bark, wood, leaves and fruits of chestnut, oak and hemlock trees. This process is time intensive, as it can take up to three weeks for the tannins to fully penetrate a hide. From an ecological perspective,…


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D.I.Y Thursday | Edgy T-Shirts (fringes in this case) Inspired By Kate Hudson

With summer in full swing (perhaps if you’re not in the UK), all the celebrities and models are getting their summer gear out and on!  And what’s the verdict?  Celebs say "fringe t-shirts, leather boots ‘n bags baby"!


With celebrities such as Nicky Hilton, Vanessa Hudgen and Kate Hudson on the band wagon – we’re all hopping on!



Besides, making your own couldn't be easier.  All you…


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Shop Vintage, Save a Mint(age) – Avoiding Let Down Purchases

Last Tuesday we explored how vintage is better than buying new clothes, today, we’re going to give you some insider tips on making the right choice!



Learn the lingo:


-    Mint – As good as new

-    Near Mint – Slightest signs of wear

-    Excellent – Typical signs of wear due to occasional use

-    Very Good – Considerably wearable but has some flaws (staining,…


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RESOURCES | The Ins & Outs of Waterproof Finishings …

Waterproof fabrics resist liquid water passing through, but allow water vapour to pass through. Their ability to block out rain and snow while allowing vapour from sweat to evaporate makes them perfect for rainwear, outdoors sports clothing, tents, and other applications.


But HOW are waterproof fabrics made?


Waterproof fabrics are treated with special material such as, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU),…


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Hemp's developed a pretty bad rep over the last decade or so within the fashion scene - "No Hemp Allowed" scrawled all over the front page of eco-fashion business plans.  But is it really still as bad as they think?



Hemp is said to be the most eco-fibre of all.  The cellulose fibre from hemp is used to make not just clothing products, including jeans, shirts, dresses, hats, bags, ropes and canvas, but…


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D.I.Y Thursday | Feel Good Felt Good...

Make your own felt to become a wall hanging, coasters or even place mats!



About Felt:


Felt is the oldest textile known to man.  It is made without sewing or weaving and is a non-constructed fabric. The story goes:


A man was walking across a desert in the dim and distant past and as his footwear was rubbing he grabbed a handful of wool from the flock he was walking with and placed it into his sandals for comfort. The constant…


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How To Shop Without Over Consuming AND Over Spending?

We favour organic, sustainable and fairtrade fabrics and clothing, and of course using natural dyes.  Buying these environmentally and socially beneficial clothing, however, still does not address that our over-buying is a major detriment to our environment, and also has social implications for those that manufacture them, such as garment workers forced into slave labour, in order to make…


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Offset Warehouse at the RCA Show 2011

Last week we popped along to the RCA Show 2011 exhibition to see the newest, emerging designers. Here are three of our favourites - watch out for them in the future (because they will be big!)


We thought we'd done well with our sustainable, bamboo sunglasses, but we discovered the ‘Hair Glasses’, created by Alexander Groves in collaboration with Studio Swine.  Together they've created glasses that are totally biodegradable using natural resin and human…


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RESOURCES | The True Cost of Cotton

As I'm sure you've gathered, we're all about promoting ethical materials, but do you really know what is going on even before the yarns are spun into thread?


Cotton is one of the most commonly used natural fibres in clothes; primarily because it is lightweight, soft and absorbent.


But, did you know it uses 25% of the worlds supply of pesticides, but only accounts for a mere 2% of crops grown world wide?  The…


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D.I.Y THURSDAY| Do it like Gwen Stefani – Tie Dye! (...without the horrid chemicals of course)

There's no two ways about it - Tie dye is in!  So we're going to show you how to recreate these designs without all the harsh chemicals and dyes!




What you might not know is that you can create your own tie dyed garments in the comfort of your own home, using things around the house!  Things such as tea leaves, peaches and raspberries, can create the same effect as what you would find in the…


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RESOURCES | Exactly how ETHICAL is Viscose?

At Offset Warehouse, we're always thriving to find the latest fabrics that are both eco-friendly and socially beneficial, but no fabric is 100% "ethical", which is why education is central to our ethos: it is vital to first understand the pros and cons of a fabric and make decisions whether to use them, based on this knowledge.


Recently, we've noticed a little confusion surrounding VISCOSE - so today, we'll hopefully shed a little light and get some…


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Whistles' Eco-Chic Beachwear Fit For Royals

Whistles, one of Princess Catherine's (a.k.a Kate Middleton's) favourite haunts, has collaborated with Ciel, creating eight pieces of beachwear, including sun dresses and bikini bottoms. 


£150, Silk Dress



With a long, celebrity client…


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VIDEO RESOURCE| We revisited this gem and couldn't resist sharing it...

  Michael Moore confronts the chairman of Nike about his company's ethical policies, amongst which, paying less than living wage to their women workers and funding a regime that was responsible for genocide in Indonesia.



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DIY TUESDAY | What to do with your old toys, cuff links & safety pins...

Trine Jensen 2011 (Research Book)

We're all about turning heads for the right reasons - standing out, looking unique and beautiful (not because you're wearing the same dress as the girl that just walked past.



The other day, we were clearing out the office, and stumbled across a load of safety…


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From one show to another

It's all about the graduates this week, so we headed down to the hub of graduates, Graduate Fashion Week in Earls Court, to check out the shows, the latest talent and what the unis had to to offer!






Our Rhiannon reported back on some of the shows she went to:


I was very impressed by the…


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It's DIY Thursday and this week we have a treat for everyone. Using your dads, boyfriends, brothers or grandads old shirts and turn them into fashionable summer dresses!






Jumper dress available at …


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Living in a material world, and I am a material girl

We've been busy adding loads of fabulous, new, ethical fabrics & materials, so head on over to our Fabric & Haberdashery Shop and rummage through all of our organic, fair trade, recycled and reclaimed fabrics!



Some of our top sellers were featured on our newsletter this month.  Not signed up for it?  Head over to our website…


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The bags that give back...

We're very pleased to introduce our new range of bags- ON SALE TODAY!  With their quirky embellishments and bold, bright colours, brighten up your summer wardrobe whilst doing something good for someone else!




See the range here...







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Sneak Peak of Hatastic Collection!

In keeping with the wedding spirit this week (it's tomorrow- How exciting!) and inspired by the lovely Kate, we would like to introduce to you our newest fascinators and hairpieces...






We mentioned that a fabulous array of…


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