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Vivi’s Pick of the Week - Organic

Vivi Blog

We love the 100% organic cotton jumpsuit from Clover New York. Jordana and Mariette, the women behind Clover are committed to producing beautifully made organic children’s clothing that’s fun and functional.

An easy onepiece that looks adorable, this jumpsuit is comfortable and perfect for Fall. I love the red zipper detail and metallic snap… Continue

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Vivi Turns 1, Happy Birthday!

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Sexy, Shimmering (Sustainable) Silver

ElegRoo Blog

Nothing shows off your summer glow like silver! Luminous and eye-catching, silver is simple and elegant enough to wear every day — from afternoons at the beach to evenings at the symphony. When the silver is recycled or produced in fair-labor/ conflict-free conditions, silver jewelry goes beyond beautiful.

Here are some gorgeous, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted… Continue

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What do your clothes say about climate change? More than you think…

Climate Counts Blog

Most of us start our days the same way. We smack our alarm clock, wish it were Saturday, and get dressed. The scary thing is, the clothes we wear today reflect the votes we make for or against our climate’s future.

Every purchasing decision we make is a vote. Think about the number of socks, underwear, t-shirts, and jeans you’ve purchased over the years. If you are a parent, think about how many times your kids have… Continue

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Repurposed Materials in Fashion

ElegRoo Blog

What's greener than recycled? What eco-friendlier than bio-degradable? That's right -- REPURPOSED! Resources already dug, mined, extracted, combined, processed and delivered. Can't un-do those. But when the product/material has outlived its desirability, don't sent it to resource-sucking recycling and not, of course, to the landfill. Create a new purpose for it and… Continue

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Five Eco-Friendly Summer Fashion Finds

ElegRoo Blog

During the dog days of summer, here are some cool green discoveries that go so well with hot days and nights ...

The Sheba Pendant is a great "date necklace" made of wood, silk and glass, that dresses up a floaty summer top or colorful… Continue

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Anvil Knitwear Completes Life Cycle Assessment of Tee Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) NEW YORK, NY - August 2, 2010 - Anvil Knitwear announced today the results of its greenhouse gas (GHG) life cycle assessment (LCA) for its AnvilSustainable™ t-shirt, which is made from recycled PET plastic bottles and transitional cotton, grown on farms making the switch to organic processes.

The analysis of the AnvilSustainable tee, which encompassed a cradle-to-grave approach, found the footprint to be 3.29 kgCO2e/tee.

The… Continue

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Social Biz Rides Social Media

This is a BIG DAY for Elegant Roots. Maybe even a profound day.

Milyoni, Inc., (said like "million eye"), the leader in Social Commerce, announces a new social merchandising tool within its popular Conversational Commerce™ solution. Its new Instant Showcase allows users to conveniently purchase select products right on the Facebook wall.

Elegant Roots… Continue

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