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A new face of Brazilian fashion

How Brazilian fashion allies sustainability…


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London Fashion Week videos - Green is in!

To watch more, visit live from fashion week Check out http://www.livefromfashionweek.com for more videos from London Fashion Week… Continue

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NearFar is being launched with Anthropologie is a couple of weeks and will be heading into there new store on the Kings Road. If anyone has any press contacts please let me know. Thanks.

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Art For Progress presents "Clash of the Artists 2010" - Voting and Finale Event Invite

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Anyone in the FairTrade business want to speak to LSE students about the sector?

LSE's People and Planet Society is looking for speakers for *a panel

discussion* to be held on *Tuesday, 2 March at 7 pm* at the London School of

Economics, called, *"Is Fair Trade Really Fair?"* We'll have someone from

the Fair Trade Foundation present, so we're looking for panel members who

can round out the debate.

We're hoping speakers can address…

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Ethical Fashion label bibico wins award in Paris with ‘Britannia Chic’

British-based ethical fashion label bibico has won favour with the French, winning the desirable La Redoute Award at the 2009 Paris Ethical Fashion Show. The effortless, easy-to-wear style of the SS10 Collection delighted the judges who were also impressed by bibico’s…


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Truth or Dare - The legacy of Gold Mining...

Jewellers who are rightly concerned about the providence of their raw materials will no doubt be concerned to have read at the beginning

of the year another account of an irresponsible Canadian gold mining

company. Goldcorp Group has been accused by CAFOD the UK Catholic Aid

agency of polluting the local river systems of the Siria Valley.

To quickly recap in September 2008 CAFOD found clear evidence of

contamination of water sources at a Goldcorp mine…


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AW10 collection showing at Esethica London Fashion Week

Junky Styling is showing AW 2010 collection at Esethica - London Fashion Week.

19th Feb 2010 - 23rd Feb 2010

19th – 22nd February: 10.00 - 19.00

23rd February: 10.00 - 18.00



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Come meet us in Copenhagen!

We have worked hard to finish our new Autumn/Winter collection, but it is all worth it as we get to show our designs at CPH Vision - the fashion fair in Copenhagen, starting today. From the Peruvian highlands, where the Alpaca sets its reign, to the apt hands of artisans in Puno and Lima, the styles are now ready to be sold to stores all over Europe.

We hope to see some of there - at stand no. 49 at CPH Vision, from February 11-14…


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New Website launch - feedback appreciated

I've just launched my online ethical jewellery and accessories boutique EmmieJay. The initial collection includes a gorgeous range of British-made upcycled jewellery, stunning eel-skin bags and purses and some great bamboo basics amongst others. I hope the site provides a friendly shopping experience, as I hold excellent customer service as one of EmmieJay's core values, and allows customers to pick from a range of well-produced items which don't… Continue

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Rally Round Adili PLC

Just got news that Adili PLC have temporarily suspended shares and need to fund raise. Is there any way we as a community can support them?

In this 'New World' when a brand like Adili is trying drive the ethical fashion agenda, and we are all connected to many different people through are online/offline networks, isn't there a way we can find a new solution to drawing on the right expertise and resources to help them?

Worth reading this…


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Ethical Silk : Peau-Ethique launches Caresse de Soie, a natural and refined lingerie collection

For the woman looking for simple and natural sensuality, Peau-Ethique offers now Caresse de Soie, a complete range of natural and refined ethical silk lingerie.

Since 2004,…


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CHOOLIPS is looking for Freelance Pattern Cutter

As you may know Choolips revamps ancient textiles traditions creating alluring textiles & dresses simply on trend, playful and pretty. Our award-winning signature - 100% fairly traded textiles and dresses - not simply empowers developing communities and flourishes 'Trade not Aid' but also brings sunshine to Western Shores.

We have an opportunity for a Freelance Pattern Cutter to start with us TODAY!

We are looking for a highly skilled Pattern Cutter who can take care of our… Continue

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Ethical Fashion Survey

Dear All,

in context of my thesis, that I´m currently preparing at the university in Istanbul at the fashion and textile department, may I ask you to support my research on ethical fashion. I would also very much appreciate if you would also forward this link to your friends.

Please choose accordingly if you are ethical fashion designer or consumer...…


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sustainable southbank

The Queen Elizabeth Hall hosted on Monday the work of fashion environmentalists, inaugural graduates of London college of fashions new masters degree.

The main message was memory, most of this group of twelve, delved into an emotional journey of nostalgia. A surprise to find young people in their twenties, their lives ahead of them, their heads turned towards history. Only Felicia Felton explored the true avenues of fashion business in a more commercial sense, I discovered she used to be a… Continue

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Drivers of Preference: Why Consumers Will Buy Green

Seventh Generation may be the market leader in eco-friendly household cleaning products and is unquestionably dedicated to environmental and social responsibility, but these are not the main reasons people are buying their products. For a majority of their most loyal customers, who turn out to be issue-aware women with children, the primary driver of consumer choice turns out to be safety. Many women simply want fewer toxic… Continue

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Why Alpaca is a superior fiber

Alpaca fiber has a fine and soft texture; it has a natural palette of 22 colors in shades of black, brown and cream. It also contains microscopic air bags that make it possible to produce light-weight clothing with high thermal capacity.

The Alpaca fiber:

....contains no natural oils such as the lanolin contained in sheep's wools. This means that alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic. You can use alpaca with newborn babies without any risk of allergy

....has an… Continue

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The Virtuous Jewellery Circle

Being a fair trade and ethical jeweller is not easy. It takes time, money and conviction to move towards a place where our knowledge of the impact our business has on our supply chain is as detailed as our knowledge of our finished products, customers and profit lines.

Some have argued that it is not the responsibility of the jeweller to engage in the many complex issues that the long and complicated supply chains throw up. Yet as we all know, first through the impact that 'conflict… Continue

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Anardo & Skyum at Copenhagen Vision - 11-14 Feb.

We are getting ready to present our new autumn/winter collection at CPH Vision from February 11-14

Having experimented with different fabrics and styles, we are very excited about showing our designs that mix Alpaca wool with bamboo, organic cotton and silk. The clothes are produced by local artisans in Peru, and we guarantee a steady income to numerous families in the remote Island of Amantaní in Lake Titicaca.

A sneak peak at the collection from the photoshoot in the highlands… Continue

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