Zoe Fletcher 'Knit:Able - How will you wear yours?...How will I wear mine?'

Manchester Metropolitan University.
Textile Design For Fashion
Year 2.

Using the concept of ‘slow' fashion, the aim of Zoe's collection is to create a whole new clothing experience that would entice the customer into keeping their garment for a long time.

By knitting an 'adjustable' garment that can be unbuttoned at various joins to create many different variations on a cardigan/waistcoat/purse/whatever they choose it to be. She created a number of different sleeve combinations and trims that can be attached in different ways to create completely unique outfits. The customer can then add different pieces to it, instead of buying a whole new garment. Alternatively, the different pieces could be turned into a more appropriate item for the day such as a bag or purse.

You can also see a short film of how Zoe made her collection by visiting -


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