Chelsea College of Art and Design
BA Textile Design

Anna's 'Designing Happiness' collection is intended to be an exploration of how designers could slow down fast fashion, consumerism and emotionally driven consumption by designing for well-being or happiness. Consumerism can be understood as a way of life that is excessively preoccupied with the consumption of economic goods, equating personal happiness with consumption. We consume fashion in an attempt to satisfy our fundamental human needs, mainly our social needs of esteem, companionship and community. 'Designing Happiness' aims to explore how designers could satisfy these needs in other ways, not by creating the latest fast fashion garment, but by encouraging people to get together with friends, establish communities, appreciate the world around us and learn and create new things.

Anna will produce an active/ sportswear collection that will be the starting point for the user's involvement in an on-line web-community. Through joining the web-community and posting evidence and photographs of better living such as going on a group trip or cooking a communal meal members will receive prints to add to their active wear as an incentive to live in a happier, better way. This will also encourage an emotional attachment to the garment as it is personal to the user and their activities.

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