Hello everybody,

Does anybody know where i can find zippers that can be considered eco friendly?

Thank you

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Zipper Sale!

We have a crate of fantastic Chunky Zippers suitable for puffa coats, sportswear, fleeces hoodies some amazing fantasy zippers with crystal teeth in olive glass on cream tapes all specially made for us and we are offering them to the EFF Fabric Group on a first come first served basis Zippers from super long 110/108/95cm for coats from between £1- £3 each other sizes between 50p-£1.50 depending on size. We have White, Charcoal, Silver. Light Grey, Olive, Mid Grey, Cream, Crystal YKK RiRi and others available now until end July. Please contact us at the studio for more details at : info@ciel.ltd.uk Thank you, Hurry to avoid dissapointment as they are all unique items and fantastic bargains! Payments by card or paypal as before thank you! Ciel xx

this is the flyer for the following link:



look forward to hearing from you,

many thanks


Thank you for this reply.

Unfortunately, the colours you have available do not fit with my colours.
I need zippers for summer dresses in white, red, ecru, light blue, blue, purple, and yellowish.

Thank you anyway


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