So you’re committed to sourcing ethical raw materials for your collections – you’ve tried organic cotton, hemp, natural dyes, bamboo, fair trade cotton, but what about recycling? Using offcuts, cloth sample books, ends of rolls and even trimmings discarded by factories means they don’t end up in landfill. UK brands such as From Somewhere recycle old garments, off cuts and ends of rolls, and Junky Styling transform old clothing into new, but how about sourcing would-be waste materials further afield? If you manufacture in India, or would like to source in India, you might be interested in checking out the Seelampur waste cloth markets in north east Delhi – where you can find almost any kind of cloth imaginable, and even buy by the kilo – an added bonus, as it’s far cheaper than buying by the metre. Extract taken from the SOURCE Article. To read full article CLICK HERE

Some textile recycling units such as LMB allow designers to buy bags of second hand clothes, but as the demand grows for textile waste how will this be managed? The Seelampur waste cloth markets (above) seem to have a very sophisticated process in place, and at the same time the people doing the sorting and selling are making a living out of it.

It would be interesting to hear where other people get their textile waste from and how they deal with issues such as quality and consistency.


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