Welcome to the club, "Remember son, Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power". I call it "Info-poo-ledge" Remember you heard it hear first guys, New Zealand - birth place of new helpful words.

I thought it might be helpful to make a wee list of NZ suppliers which you can add to if you like, or not, if you don't like. I thought I'd get the ball rolling though with a few of my own, so here goes:

Levana Textiles, they have a large range of normal evil fabric and also some organic cotton and merino.


Designer Textiles, I've spent months in the past trying to get samples from them and I know they have organic cotton and merino but what else I'm not sure. Supposedly they are more expensive than Levana.


Certton, organic cotton, these guys have grown a lot in the last five years and they may have a supplier in NZ now.


Corozo, natural buttons, I think the NZ supplier is Arthur N. Rowe Ltd. in Auckland, email: sewing.rowe@xtra.co.nz


Coa ts Industrial NZ,
Coats have a organic cotton sewing thread line called, Eco Verde, other large international companies have organic cotton or recycled polyester ranges,  I'm just waiting on one more response before I decide who to choose. Tracking down the suppliers in this country can sometimes be a nightmare.





Sewing Time NZ, of course, for all those machines you may need to help put it all together.


That's a small start, but remember, don't help anyone if you can help it.


The Charles Parsons Group is a privately owned textiles house supplying customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. I'm buying a stud press off of these guys.


W.Wiggins, probably no eco stuff... but handy supplier of tools


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One should be courageous also for mere existence in this world now. Your efforts are in the right direction , the movemntum is meaningful and timely . You will grow boundless, for the resason youare located in a fresh country . I wanted to start one like that but can not for the reason I am in a country where the conditioned beliefs on business secrests is himalayan task . You can walk up to himalaya easily but cannot break the secrests in trade. Only tricks are regining .

NewZealand being just born baby ,you can teach the trade which is Green trade, this is priority just do it. We are awaiting for sample trade in green goods .
Take care .Keep in touch with me if you are attacked at the hospital by pathogenes are full . Keep afresh your conciouse and creativity alive , with out these two basis great things desired faces blocks.
Indeed Mr Bond,

I've never been one to read the magazines in hospitals, doctors clinic and dental waiting rooms, saying that I do love looking at the posters. There's a fabulous one in just about every fish and chip shop in New Zealand of all of the fish found in our waters. The Ocean! there's a topic I love to think about, wouldn't dare touch it but I do love to dream of exploiting that boundless expanse of nothingness. No wait that's outer space. Sometimes I imagine dropping a feather and an anvil at the same time on the moon, and going back years later to watch them gently kiss the cheese (so to speak) at the same time. Of course on a real moon that wouldn't happen but we don't all have moons in or back yard we can visit at the drop of a hat.


Well, I just thought I would be a bit unhelpful and shed more light on suppliers (especially organic & greenish ones!) that I should keep in the dark. They are rare as moas in this country!


They do scour, white and black organic cotton in various weights and weaves- cheaper than Levana, they also do black, white, and scour merino in various weights and weaves - cheaper than Levana too. You can get it dyed to your specs, but you have to order 50 million metres first, so not worth it for me. I have samples if you want to borrow them... They also can source organic merino but it comes from South America and you have to order 600kgs of raw fibre first or something like that, I lost interest after they said it came from South America but then again if it helped a few people draw a line above the poverty line then I could be willing...


Their merino fabrics are good quality but dearer and you can buy colours without having to buy 1 million metres first. Their organic cotton fabric is made here but the cotton comes from Turkey, why because no one grows it here!

A few companies have started importing organic cotton prints into NZ:

Still a bit pricey for me but maybe down the track....


Have some great organic woven cotton printed fabrics - check out their website


Also have some great organic cotton woven printed fabrics - check out their website

There are loads of cool ones overseas for when I can afford it!


That's only half of what I could know but that's it! No more help from me, this time anyway! Time spent on research is what it's all about people!

thanks so much. Isn't it funny that I thought Designer Textiles was more expensive than Levana, I guess the lesson there is to always find out prices first and remember to compare apples with apples. Interesting DT's organic merino comes from South America, cotton is understandable, it's like the Italian grown kiwifruit we've been getting at work lately! I have actually got my fabric, I'm just waiting on another sewing machine to really get started.

You could buy white fabric (means it has been bleached) and have it dyed yourself as fabric or garments, there's this place in Auckland

Color Factory, claims to be organic with various standards to back that up, but I still wonder how environmental it is.


Thanks for your input and have a good Anzac weekend!




Here's a treat... good boy, don't tell mum.






Great to see so much interest from New Zealand. Great going! I am an organic fabric wholesaler and also have a atelier working with designers from 18 countries including New Zealand..-) i do small quantities for fabrics and fished garments/bedding. Also manage all backend services like cheap shipping,free warehousing , eco labels etc

Anyone looking to import feel free to get in touch through www.aaeco.net  even if you just have some questions feel free to ask. I have been selling eco fabrics since 2005 so have seen the market evolve and companies grow.

Stay healthy and keep selling organic!




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