A new online venture is about to offer modules created to provide designers with information critical to operating a business. Legal issues, staffing, events, sponsorship, public relations and distribution will be among the topics covered in the Launch My Label modules.

The concept for www.launchmylabel.com was created by Helen Sattler who has become well known in the industry for starting Frock Fashion several years ago. Sattler said these modules provided information needed to run a business and were created to help free up time for designers to focus more on their creative side. "The biggest complaint from designers is that they don't know where to start or to find out information," she said. "Even those labels established in the industry are still looking for stuff. "Any successful business needs to be run on a system and we offer all the key elements." Sattler said everyone in the industry was well aware of the 'truckloads' of work behind establishing a label. Initially, Sattler has been emailing contacts with videos that provide free information as a teaser to the sale of the modules from tomorrow (Friday 30 July).

Part of her program is to provide a sales training tool and an events calendar. "With a thorough events calendar, designers don't have to find out too late that they could have been part of something that could have assisted their business profiles," she said. Also offered is a buying cycle to help designers to organise their supply chain. "It provides the timelines required to launch collections during the year," she said. "Production times are included such as when to buy fabric with all the data based on how the industry runs as a general rule." A seventh module will also include information on retailers, media, sponsors and celebrities providing ideas about who to contact to make sure a collection's garments are worn by high-profile people. Looking into the future, Sattler said she might also introduce a production and export module.

- Dawn Adams

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