Genuine Organic cotton Natural Indigo dyed Denim Jeans is dull drab and sub-dued. How to shine it .


        Natural and Organic Green goods are  really very  dull, drab, crap and sub-dued .On the other hand the sythtic fibre is  bright to make  eye piercingly shiny,tiring it  , excitingingly glare producing , always Mr. Michel wore it.


        This is general complaints every where in celebrities circle . It is earthy,who wants that crap things.Holding fashion show on the green goods is waste.


         In a way it is like village girl. Simple, raw ,calm ,confused bewildering looking . How to make her interactive like film heroine. First time she is brought now to market by frugal people and organic  toads  .  200 years ago there were not celebrities and they came into open   only after films and dramas developed. Chemical embedded  re-generated  fibre like Bamboo, Soya  and  Nano molecued  synthetic Indigo Dyed though slighly radioactive are similar to celebrities to serve man, entertain to high . Only problem is they have made man go mad with 39 mental disorders .They have produced 1000s of diseses for which science of medicine is elusive,evasive to find cure.


         A chaste village girl, goes in fairy tales to fight war with gods in heaven to get back husband for her as she need not spare his life if  god wants . Thus  natural Indigo dyed Denim Jeans like a Bio Sheath circles around body in the range of 23,000 times a day  till it cures all diseases.  Is Indigo is village girl. Dull ,drab, subdued doing scavenger job in body and mind. 


         100% Orgnic and Natural garments  or  Low Impact and Eco Friendly dyed garments .Which one you want to vote.


          If Organic nd natural garments wins your vote how to make her ...presentable ...acceptable to  use in day to day wear.


          Anyone has clues .I am searching an answer for the last 10 years.A decade has passed till day only nanoparticuled  chemicl embedded is selling in U.S.A. market.   


           Why world over is hesitation is going on  to accept the Organic  as it is dull,drab,crap.


           Any one has answer to solve this riddle. Above  you find one in smll size which is Low Impact  dyed  very shining ,and other below the   Natural Indigo duyed  sub dued .










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