Small Industry more and more tend to customised Organic cotton natural dyed production .

      Small operation is more and more tend to  customize its products . They can obtain  only transaction  certificates  that is indirect certificates for their products. Further many small operations who are eligible to produce organic cotton textiles find it tough to obtain this type of certificates also . GOTS certification suits only the mega industrial projects for textiles, not for small operations .


Stripping Unit .

Spinning minimum unit .

Indigo extraction unit .

World best natural Indigo and ORGANIC COTTON  live processed  Denim jeans is equal to /identical and better than the first denim jeans made in Indigo  for use of cow boys in U.S.

I  Keeping these factors in view , we have made our product unbranded , un tagged , un advertised and sell only on line to industry related  research type of candidates than ordinary consumers .So we need not obtain  Certification GOTS . 

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