I've been asked by my friend Akua to pass on information about the
MADE IN AFRIKAH EXHIBITION 2010 which is due to to be held in Cape Coast
Ghana 15th-21st September 2010.

From the organisers website:

We are looking for groups from all over the world to attend this exhibition. This is the platform for Africa / Caribbean Diaspora to
unite with economics and progression in mind.

We are providing a platform for skills exchange and business with people on the continent of Africa.  We are working with the people at the grass root of the
magnificent continent of Africa to bring forth the opportunity to invest
in small to medium scale businesses.

We welcome speakers and exhibitors and visitors from everywhere.  Our goal is to provide a vehicle to investment on a scale that means that things actually get
done because organizations and groups will become aware of each other
and join forces with a common goal in mind.  To rebuild, resettle and
re-establish Magnificent Africa.

Below are some of the criteria that need to be met.  Your establishment should meet at least one of these, but we do hope that you
will match more, especially the last one:

1              Products and services should contain African/ Caribbean Products

2              Products and services be made in Africa/ Caribbean or the Diaspora

3              Proposal should have the development of Africa/Caribbean Diaspora in mind

4              Your establishment should be African/ Caribbean focused and works towards the        growth and education of
the African/ Caribbean Diaspora culturally, spiritually, traditionally
and economically. 

5              Your establishment is of the mindset for progression and forward motion with an open mind to communicate with like minded establishments with trust and unity as


For Further Information:




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